Serviced Apartments Are A Perfect Fit for the New Normal

A brand-new year is here and so are new beginnings! Kudos to us for having bounced back from the pandemic and adapting to the New Normal. Trade is picking up pace bringing with it the hustle and bustle of old times. And needless to say, travel is finding its way back into our daily lives; be it for work, vacation, education and medical visits. While that’s fantastic, however, there’s a catch. How do we address our travel needs without disregarding our safety concerns? Well, I hope to shed some light on that as you read on.



Two crucial aspects of any travel plan are the mode of transport and the place of stay. Let’s delve into the choices of the latter. You could right away pick a hotel with a budget that fits you. But wait, is that the best you can give yourself in terms of a safe stay? Well, say hello to Serviced Apartments! The motto of serviced apartments is to create a home away from home for travellers of all sorts. It aims to offer a blend of comfort and convenience at affordable budgets. So, why choose to stay at a serviced apartment during this post-pandemic period of recovery?


Minimal Contact:

An important precaution against the spread of COVID-19 is to have no or very minimal contact with others. It might seem a little too much to ask for while staying away from home. Good news is, at a serviced apartment, you shall have all the facilities at your disposal in your apartment. The bottom line being, no necessity to access common areas and very minimal interaction between the guests and the staff. Serviced apartments are not as crowded as hotels and so are less prone to spread of infection. Additionally, the lack of public spaces like the swimming pool or a busy bar is undoubtedly an advantage with regards to safety concerns.


Comfort Cooking:

If you are concerned about eating out during your travel, here is another reason why a serviced apartment would be a perfect choice. You can choose an apartment or a studio room with a kitchenette to cook your comfort food. For a family on vacation with little kids, a kitchen is more of a necessity than a luxury. You could be a master chef or just a safe-traveller who wishes to make your meals. Whatever be the case, a serviced apartment caters to all your culinary needs during your stay.


Well Sanitised:

Of course, sanitization has become a priority in not just the hospitality sector but everywhere. What makes a serviced apartment stand out in terms of sanitization? It is a moderately crowded space with a comparatively lower frequency of check-ins and check-outs per day. So you wouldn’t be wrong in expecting frequent and thorough sanitization of the premises.


In a nutshell, a stay at a serviced apartment would help you tick off most of the boxes on your list of safety concerns. However, I would advise you to run through the description and reviews of any serviced apartment you choose to ensure it suits you to the T. On that note, Chennai is one of the hotspot destinations for travellers who come down for work, vacation or a medical visit. There are tons of service apartments in Chennai with kitchen to choose from. If you’re planning a visit to this capital city of Tamil Nadu, be sure to check out Angson Service Apartments in Chennai. With there being a huge demand for serviced apartments near Apollo hospital Chennai, Angson is situated at the right location for guests on medical visits. For those looking for rooms near Apollo children hospital, this serviced apartment near Apollo greams road would be an ideal choice. Visit to book an enjoyable and safe stay in one of Chennai’s Premium Serviced Apartments.

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